How to Use a Webcam ?

You can use a webcam for video communications, security monitoring or video production. It’s possible to send streaming video of slightly delayed live action or prerecorded video to a designated receiver, or to send a feed to a web server for multicasting to several users at once.

The webcam takes the futuristic notion out of video phoning. Most chat programs work with webcams for video chat features that allow voice and video conversations. Chat conversations in front of a camera have become a commonplace form of internet communication. Several models of webcams are available with varying features

A / Make certain the webcam you choose is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Each manufacturer includes software for managing camera functions and enhancing images. The software applications will run only on specified operating systems.

B / Run the software on your CD drive. Plug the camera into a USB port when prompted by the software.

C / Mount the lens on a sturdy surface and point it at your eyes. Adjust the focus manually.

D / Use a webcam to video conference. All popular chat clients accommodate video phone calling, and with few exceptions, most webcams will work with any of them. Download free video conferencing software from your instant messaging service. Make calls from your contact list and set your options for receiving and broadcasting webcam feeds. A microphone is also required for sending audio.

E / Send video from a webcam via email. The software that comes with the camera will facilitate recording video and attaching it to email messages. Click the “record” button, make a short presentation and then click “stop.” Preview the clip before sending. Click “email” or “send” to open your default email program. Recipients will not need special software to play the video.

F / Use a webcam for security monitoring. Software can enable a webcam to act as a surveillance monitor. Images are captured and stored for replay or broadcast as streaming video to a computer, cell phone or PDA. The camera can detect motion and begin recording or continuously record onto a compressed file. An alarm can sound on a computer or a phone when motion is detected.

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